Hello! Get to know a bit more about me...

I'm Wiktoria Kijowska, a designer who's passionate about antiques and colour!
I am currently in my final year studying BA Furniture and Product Design at Nottingham Trent University.
In September I am going to start studying for a masters degree in History of Design at the Royal Collage of Art/Victoria & Albert Museum. 
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I'm passionate about sharing the importance of antiques and their history with others. I think their designs and history shape our present and future and we can learn more about the different societies that used them. Many of the antique inventions from centuries ago are so intricate and well designed, but are often forgotten due to the chase that is currently happening for simplicity and modernity. I think it is time for us to take time to look at the antiques, whether that be furniture, ceramics, glass or many others and acknowledge their complexity and the craftsmanship of the makers that designed and produced them at a time with far fewer technological developments.


Over on my Instagram I came up with a series of images, each aiming to educate and highlight key figures, ideas and objects within the antiques world in a bold and colourful way. 

Apart from antiques, colour is a recurring theme that can be seen throughout my work. I have focused many of my projects around colour as many people are unaware of its psychological effects on their well being and how even a tiny bit of colour can transform a piece or a space. I have learnt more about this topic during the 'Interior Design Course For Beginners' that I took part in, in 2018.

Recently, looking into the history of colours I have created "The Colour Series" which is a series of short videos that highlight some of the most influential people within the colour history. 

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My determination and hard work have resulted in achieving a 1st in both my first and second year at university but also securing four placements with well known companies, such as Giles Miller Studio throughout my placement year.

I have recently completed the 'Understanding Antiques' course at the Regent Academy and received a Distinction. My work has also been published on The Urban Vintage Affair's website and Terra Movement's website.