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I'm a design historian and a designer. I take a bold and fresh approach to spreading the importance of design history with others through the work that I produce at university, on Instragram and this website. Currently, I am a Gallery Assistant at Mayfair Gallery - a luxury antiques and fine art gallery in London. I have recently completed an MA in History of Design at the V&A/RCA. Scroll down to have a look at what I do.
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My work includes writing, research, content creation, exhibition design and public speaking.
To see more of my work go check out my portfolio. 
“The Colour Series” is a series of short videos that highlight some of the most influential people within the colour history that shaped the way we think and use colour today. Colour is a very overlooked detail that builds our reality and not many people are even aware of its interesting and rich history. I decided to shed some light on its history that explains why we think about and see colours the way we do.
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Are you interested in finding out quick facts about design history? One fact will take no more than a couple of minutes to read and you will leave this webiste with some new knowledge! Click here to discover more.
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