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Zegar is currently the largest Polish producer of curtain rods made out of stainless steel and brass. Its offer also includes products of forged steel and plastic. It was started in 1934 in Lviv, and has been operating in Tarnów since 1945. 

During the entire period of activity, it focused on precision mechanics, initially significantly related to the production of watch parts and tools - where the company's name is taken from (zegar in Polish means clock/watch).

Currently they are using a lot of plastic packaging for their products. In the next year they want to fully eliminate the use of plastic in their packaging or at least minimise it. 

My job was to familiarise myself with their range of products as well as their existing ways of packaging. I had to research and evaluate new ways of cardboard packaging and alternative eco-friendly materials that could replace the see-through plastic packaging. 

In addition, they supply curtain poles and accessories for them, to a chain of shops in Austria called Reiter. After my internship, I went to Austria and visited some of the shops to get a better understanding of how their products are displayed, which I then talked about with the owner of the company in Poland.  

Even though this internship was only 2 weeks long, I was able to get an in-depth understanding of their manufacturing as well as packaging processes and gain an understanding on how a business is run outside of the UK. 

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