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NTU Design Industries is a creative community of students and staff from all of the Product Design courses at Nottingham Trent University. Each year a dedicated student committe creates the NTUDI brand to reflect the identity of the particular cohort. 

I was part of the NTUDI 2020/2021 committee as a BA (Hons) Furniture and Product course representative, team leader of the Social Media & Marketing Team and a member of the Website Team. 


I have created majority of the visuals posted on the NTUDI social media channels. This included designs for NTUDI teams takeovers, ‘Behind the Scenes’ stories as well as ‘Student Spotlight’ and ‘Industry Insights’ series. 

In addition, I was responsible for collecting student’s work, creating posting schedules, scheduling and posting posts as well as interacting with the NTUDI audience across their social media channels. My work has also been reposted by the main NTU Instagram account and the NTU ADBE account. 

As part of the Website Team, I took part in designing the layout of the NTUDI website. I was responsible for designing the ‘Meet The Team’ page which highlighted all the people involved in creating the NTUDI virtual experience. 

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