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modular seating solution

for morgan

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BRIEF:To design a modular seating solution suitable to be used within hotel reception/ lobby spaces. Due to the changing use of hotel lobbies the seating should also be suitable to use in co-working spaces such as offices. 

This modular seating solution is made up of 3 different sized seats: single, double and a 3 seater.

morgan seats .jpg

Often people come to ‘3rd spaces’ (such as hotel lobbies/ co-working environments) to get away from distractions at home or for a change of scenery to complete their work. The arm rests act as a divider between each of the seating spaces and creates a ‘closed’ space for the user. They can also double up as a flat surface on which the users can place their laptops, notebooks, drinks or other belongings. People coming to hotel lobbies might want to be alone but not lonely, therefore the arm rests dividers as well as low back rests would suit their needs. 


Gaps in between back rests and their round shape create a more interesting aesthetic, both when placed individually as well as when placed back to back. 

Varied height sizes have been incorporated into the design to add texture and different levels however, none of the back rests exceeds the height of 500mm. This is so that the users can still talk to the people around them. 



RESEARCH REPORT:This includes all of my design process and reasoning behind the design choices I have made. 

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