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BRIEF: The Treat Kitchen is an innovative and young company who constantly change their product range through seasonal events. We need a small team of students to research and put together designs and ideas for new products for Halloween 2018,Christmas 2018 and valentine's 2019. We will be offering these products in our own stores and also through wholesale. 

This two week placement was part of the GRADS4NOTTM scheme, that Nottingham Trent University run every year. It allows people from different courses come together and undergo a placement with one of Nottingham based companies. I have completed it in 2018, at the end of my first year at university. It was a great opportunity to get out there and create new contacts as well as have experience in a new area of design. 

I was paired together with a final year Decorative Arts student. In a pair we worked collaboratively on this brief.

We have divided the brief into three different categories that we focused on; re branding their cocktail range, creating tea infused teaspoons and new monster boxes.  

mind map.jpg

Below are the presentation board for each of the topics. Even though we have had three different categories to focus on, our main priority was to develop a well designed packaging for the vegan gummies that The Treat Kitchen was coming out with. 

coctail range.jpg

Our final packaging design was a collection of 5 'monsters' each with a different flavour of gummies and the shape of the box meant that they could be stacked up in many different ways. Having multiple different monsters could possibly encourage children to want to collect all of them to play around with creating different shapes with the boxes. The cut out in the monster's mouth would enable the customer to see the type of gummies that would be in the box. 

Below is the final design of the 'Little Monster Box'.

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