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Hallway storage and seating solution for scp

scp board 2.jpg


BRIEF:To design a product that will fit well within the SCP Boxed Collection. It should have value built in through the materials, method of manufacture or through the design itself. Bold experimental designs are welcome as well as more utilitarian objects. Traditional materials are something that SCP tend to work with but are open to new materials if methods of manufacture are possible. Current changes in lifestyle and emerging trends should be investigated to inform the design. 

The hallway seating and storage solution incorporates a raised up shelf on which the user can place small objects such as keys and phone on their way in out out of the house. The compartment underneath the shelf could be used to store extra clothing, for example, hats and scarves, and the largest shelf is aimed for shoe storage. 

To bring colour and comfort into this seating, a cushion has been added in the shape of the seat to create a unity of shapes. The pillow is tied through the base with a use of string to prevent it from moving around as well as easy removal for cleaning purposes. 


The main body of this product is made out of ash. Ideally the cushion would be made out of the wool fabrics designed by 
Donna Wilson for SCP. However, other fabrics could be used to make it. 

The dowel legs, frame as well as the shelf support are attached to the base with dowel joints.



RESEARCH REPORT:This includes all of my design process and reasoning behind the design choices I have made. 

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