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Updated: Feb 8, 2021

For all of the time that I've been interested in antiques, I've never actually asked myself this question until fairly recently. Looking back on it now it seems crazy to me that I have never looked up the definition of ANTIQUES as a lot of what I do now revolves around them.

I kind of just assumed that the word antique encompasses anything that is old. However this is not true... well for the most part. All of my antique books, whether they be about furniture, ceramics, glass etc. usually only go up to the end of the Victorian era, and miss out all of the later amazing styles such as Art Deco. There is a reason for this. Below I give you the basic breakdown of the changing meaning of this word.

In my opinion, the current meaning of antiques takes away from its true meaning and from the value of the true antique objects. However, once you become experienced in dealing with antiques (ones that are around and over 100 years old) and your knowledge grows you will begin to understand the true meaning of antiques.

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