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New Designers 2018

Updated: Dec 3, 2019


This is an exhibition which showcases the work of new creative minds that have just graduated. It is a two week event, each week being split into 4 days. During week 1 are showcased design disciplines such as textiles, costume design, jewellery design and ceramics. Among the disciplines showcased during week 2 (the one that I have attended) are furniture and product design, graphic design and interior design. It happens every year in London on the beginning of July.


It is a great place to gain new inspiration and see what has already been done. From that you can learn what kind of things have been approved and liked by the wider audience and what things have not made a huge impact. In addition, you are able to talk to the designers that are exhibiting their work, which I have found very useful as I was able to talk to them about their design process and their future career aspirations after they have finished university. All of this can help you think about your future which you can start planning now.


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