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BRIEF:To design and manufacture a contemporary dining table that would allow a minimum of 4 people to sit around it. The product should encourage people to socialise and eat with each other as people with busy lifestyles often tend to spend lots of time alone without their family or friends. It should fit in with the design of a contemporary home. 

Apart from enabling the users to eat near my product, its aim is to encourage them to eat and spend time with their friends or family as in today’s world people can become very focused on their careers and forget about spending time with their loved ones. This particular aim can be said about almost every dining table that exists however what makes my design unique is the incorporated centre piece. From my visit to the environment of use, I have found out that many people often place a 3D centre piece on their tables, such as a vase, which takes up space. To solve this problem, I have added an extra feature which is the acrylic strip in the middle of the table acts as a 2D decoration piece that is already incorporated into the design of the table, therefore saving space.

TABLE 1.jpg

The table top has been made out of white washed pine, decorated with laser cut acrylic. The legs have been made out of copper tubes. 

After manufacturing the dining table and carrying out stability tests I have found out that the table is stable however, its stability could be improved. Therefore, as a further development to this design could be using pipes with a thicker diameter to create the legs. 


By increasing the thickness of the pipes, the table top will be supported by a greater amount of material meaning that it would not break as easily.

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