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BRIEF:Design and manufacture a new version of the Isokon Donkey, not forgetting about its main characteristics.

The Design Donkey is inspired by the Isokon Penguin Donkeys and follows their specific furniture typology - a portable free- standing storage solution. 

It has been designed to act as a small plywood storage unit in which the user is able to store their most needed arts and design products.


It includes sections dedicated to A4 and A5 sheets, shelf which is high enough for paint pots and glue sticks as well as a rounded base compartment in which the user can store objects such as pens, rulers and tapes. 

Additional storage is created on the side panels with the use of bungee elastic. On one of the side panels the user is able to store rolled up objects such as magazines or cutting mats and on the other objects such as stationary and notes. 

The side panels extend above the flat top to provide the user with two handles for easier transportation of the donkey. The flat top acts as a surface on which the user can complete some quick work or use as additional storage space. 

Even though my original design idea was for this donkey to store art and design objects, this idea does not limit its functionality in other scenarios such as the living room where it'll be possible to store the user's most needed objects such as remotes and blanket. 

donkey in situ.jpg


RESEARCH REPORT:This includes all of my design process and reasoning behind the design choices I have made. 

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