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BRIEF:Create a diorama portraying your dream world. Present meaning through different parts of the piece. 

My ideal world is where peace, equality and respect are shown to everyone and everything. The steps represent the journey of life towards one’s goals. On each of the steps a different symbol is present linking back to the main themes of this diorama. The symbols are the LGBT flag, gender equality sign, a white rose representing the ‘Me Too’ movement and the peace sign. 

People of different races are sitting on the steps to emphasize the idea of equality. The whole of my world is supported by 
flowers to show that without nature we would not exist and respect needs to be shown towards it. 

The triangular shapes show that in life there will always be good and bad however, the neon colour shining through it represents the idea of something good coming out of the bad. 


The main body as well as the steps of the diorama are made out of plywood. The main body is covered in MDF triangles stuck onto fabric. Felt has been used to create the flowers which have been stuck onto a blue foam block. The figures have been made out of plasticine.

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